Should You Get a New Metal Roof for Your Old Colorado House?

metal roof new roofing installation

Although they may be in very good shape and well-maintained, old houses typically have different structural issues that must be taken into account when choosing a new roof.

There are roofing materials that add a lot of weight to the resistance structure (slate, ceramic tiles), but fortunately, there are also lightweight yet extremely durable materials on the market, which can be a very good Highlands Ranch roofing solution for your old Colorado home. Metal shingles are the best example.

A metal roof is so easy, that it can be installed even over the existing roof, thus saving some money, as well as precious time.

If you are concerned about the strength of a metal roof, you should know that many manufacturers offer 50-year warranties in terms of service life, along with anti-corrosion warranties. The metal roof will protect you very well in Colorado`s climate and, if you choose quality metal shingles, stone coated or covered with acrylic particles, they will be resistant to impact and potential scratches.

Let’s not neglect the flame retardant properties of metal shingles, which have been proven by tests, as well as their natural reflectivity, which will certainly reduce costs related to air conditioning, when the weather is hot.