Roofing Glossary of Terms

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Being familiar with roofing terminology can be especially helpful when you discuss with Highlands Ranch roofing contractor.  You will give the impression that you know what you are saying and it will also help you to review roofing quotations. Knowing basic terms contribute to making educated decisions when it comes to start a roofing project.

Here is a starting list of common roofing terms; you can keep on adding terms that interest you.

Attic – an attic is specific to a building with a steep sloped roof.  it is situated under the roof deck and above the ceiling.

Condensation – this is a problem specific to poorly ventilated roofs and happens when warm and moist air comes in contact with cold surfaces.

Deck or decking – the deck is the structural skin of a roof.  It can be made of plywood, oriented strand board, tongue and groove 2 by 6 or step sheathing.

Downspout – downspouts are also called leaders and represent pipes installed for draining the rainwater collected by gutters.

Fire rating – this represents a system used to classify various roofing materials, according to their resistance to fire, in class A, B or C (class A includes the materials with the highest resistance).

Granules – these are specific for asphalt roofing products and consist of ceramic coated crushed rock applied to exposed surface of shingles.