New Roofing Materials Created Recently

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The revolutionary solar tiles, presented by Elon Tusk last year at an event in Los Angeles, are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency (including cost-efficiency!), and aspect.

The solar roof presented by Tesla comes in four styles, to meet different preferences: Glass-textured tiles, Matte tiles, Tuscan glass tiles and Glossy tiles. Each of them looks different, but when they are put together, they create a result very similar to a regular roof. They are transparent for sunlight, although they look opaque from any angle.

Solar tiles are two percent less efficient than traditional solar panels. However, Tesla is collaborating with a company for coming up with improved layers that have the potential to exceed the efficiency of classic solar panels, because they will capture light in such a way that its diffusion is slower, which leads to less energy loss.

In terms of costs, Tesla’s tiled roof costs less than a roof made of traditional materials added to the cost of energy consumption from the electricity grid. There is no detailed price, because the cost of a solar roof depends on many factors, such as the type and surface of the roof etc.

Tesla solar tiles generate enough energy for a household to consume, and with the help of the new Powerwall 2.0 battery, unconsumed energy can be stored.  One of the best solutions to choosing the right roofing product is to visit with an Aurora roofing contractor that has experience with roofing materials and take their advice.