How to Deal with Ventilation Problems on an Older Roof

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Although an old roof loses some of its protective properties, the owner may decide to postpone the replacement project for as long as the roof is still stable and in good shape. However, even an old roof needs adequate ventilation, otherwise the existing problems will worsen quickly and new ones will certainly appear.

An adequate ventilation system is absolutely necessary for getting rid of condensation; in its absence, the water resulting from condensation will not be removed, but will stagnate under the cover, causing multiple damages: favoring the rapid appearance of corrosion on metal elements, damage to the wooden structure, damage to the insulation, mold, lower thermal comfort in the attic as well as in the rooms on the upper level and more.

When using roof ventilation accessories, the emphasis is on maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment, protecting the roof and ensuring a longer life span.

There are ventilation solutions from even for an older roof, which will help you delay its replacement and protect your initial investment. What you need to do is find a reliable local roofing specialist to assess the exact condition of your roof, present you the available solutions, and provide you with a cost estimate, to make sure that investing in better ventilation for an old roof actually worth the money and effort.