How Gutter Guards Can Help Reduce Debris

Blue Ox Roofing Gutters

Gutter guards are a great invention designed to protect the drainage system from debris accumulation and ease the work of homeowners who will not have to worry about cleaning it that often.

Regular gutters must be cleaned periodically, at least twice a year, because they collect leaves, twigs and dirt that may not only prevent proper water drainage, but they also maintain moisture, which will lead to premature degradation of the system. Homeowners know only too well what means a clogged pluvial system: the water will leak down the walls instead of being directed safely to the sewers, it may infiltrate in the basement and work its way to weakening the resistance structure.

In this context, gutter guards are a worthwhile investment. They are affordable and very easy to install, even without the help of a professional roofer.

Besides reducing gutter maintenance and protecting the drainage system against corrosion, gutter guards also bring some less obvious benefits.

They help you avoiding infestations

Gutters are often a great environment for insects and birds that take residence there and bring nesting material. By preventing these problems, you reduce the risk of standing water in your gutters and thus discourage vermin from breeding on your rooftop.

They contribute to fire Prevention

Dry leaved and twigs accumulated in your gutters can be easily set on fire by floating embers, in regions with greater fire risk. Gutter guards prevent this buildup of flammable material.  For more on roofing and gutters go to the professionals