Gutter Repair Made Easy – 3 Tips to Get Started

gutter repair roofing contractor help necessary

Gutters may start dripping for several reasons; most often, it`s because of damage to the joints, in different sections of them. These joints differ, depending on the material from which the gutters are made. As a result, there are different ways to repair them.

Rarely, damage may also occur to the lower part of the gutters, caused by rust; it results the formation of holes, and the water will no longer be properly directed to downspouts and evacuated safely.

Another possible cause of gutter damage is the deformation or breaking of the hooks that support them: this can happen either due to the weight of the snow and ice slipping off the roof, or due to the accumulation of debris inside the gutters.

Follow these tips:

Step 1


Regardless of the material from which they are made, gutters must always be thoroughly cleaned before performing the necessary repairs on them.

Step 2


Step 3

SEALING THE JOINTS, DEPENDING ON THE MATERIAL FROM WHICH THE GUTTERS ARE MADE (for example, in the case of metal gutters, the joints can be re-welded; but when it comes to PVC gutters, they can be fixed using special sealing adhesives). If the leakage is severe, the possibility of replacing a part of the gutter must also be considered. If the gutters are old, it is recommended to replace them entirely.

When the repair is complete, it is worth checking the condition of the support hooks and the inclination of the gutters, in order to return them to their correct position, if necessary.  For the best action having an experienced Aurora roofing contractor do the job is recommended.