How to choose the right contractor?

Staffed local office, Licensed & Insured, having a good standing with reviews/BBB are all things you should look for in finding a reputable contractor. It is also not recommended you pay a large sum of money up front until materials have been delivered or work has begun.

Lifetime Architectural Shingles?

Good news for homeowners! Most shingle manufacturers have switched their warranty on architectural shingles from 30 years (with 5 years of non pro-rated coverage) to a lifetime (50yr) warranty that covers their product for 10 yrs non prorated. At Blue Ox Exteriors you get a lifetime architectural shingle at minimum with every roof.

Can you Cover My Deductible?

It is illegal for a contractor to offer to pay, cover or waive an insurance deductible or to offer any compensation to a homeowner for doing business with them. This means any of the following is illegal when dealing with an insurance claim:

  • Directly paying a deductible
  • Giving a coupon to discount work
  • Paying advertising for a yard sign
  • Any other form of direct discounts

Our Roots?

Many on our team got their start working with some of the largest storm restoration companies in the industry. Though it was fun working for a company who could dominate a market, I knew my customers were getting less service than they deserved. The volume our large sales team produced made it hard to sustain a quality install and or pleasurable customer experience.

In the spring of 2010, Blue Ox Exteriors was created with the customer in mind.Our goal is to make your experience a pleasant one. Though we don’t set out to cram 1,000+ projects into a year, we do intend to deliver quality results and a pleasurable experience to as many as we come in contact with. By building less jobs than the large companies we worked with in the past, we can take the time our customers deserve while providing better service.

– Kevin Zaun, Owner


Why the Blue OX name?

Before coming to Colorado, our owner grew up in Minnesota – The Land of 10,000 Lakes. The story of how those 10,000 lakes and other land marks such as Pikes Peak came to be is a large part of American Folklore.

When Kevin Zaun, president, started the company in 2010, he chose the name Blue Ox Exteriors for the great memories of hearing these stories. And though there is no exciting folklore behind our success story, we hope our our hard-work and friendly customer service will leave lasting impressions with all those we do business with.

According to the story – of which many versions have been told – Lumber Jack Paul Bunyan and his best friend “Babe”, the Blue Ox, had been logging their way through the northern forests of Minnesota. Both were larger than life with Babe measuring in at forty-two ax handles high and Paul Bunyan standing taller yet. The two have been said to have created many of the geographical features and land marks known across the country..

It has been told that Paul Bunyan dug out the Great Lakes to hold drinking water for his friend Babe the Blue Ox who at times could drink a river dry. The 10,000 lakes of Minnesota are said to be from the footprints left behind while roaming helplessly lost in a blizzard for days. Stories go on to say that when Paul Bunyan was born it took 6 storks to deliver him to his house, where his parents needed an entire herd of cows to fill his bottle. It seems the further north you go the better the tales get about the two. Bemidji Minnesota even claims to be the birth place of Paul himself. Giant statues of Paul and Babe the Blue Ox Can be found across Minnesota.

More stories of Paul Bunyan and the Blue Ox claim that the two started in Maine and headed west. After stopping in Minnesota they continued on and formed the Grand Tetons while having a playful wrestling match along the way. They stopped in Colorado and built Pikes Peak as a look out. The stories go on and on.

Being based in Colorado and Minnesota, we feel the hard work, loyalty, friendship, and monumental achievement, as told of in the Paul and Babe adventures represent the core of what we aim to achieve as a company.

The Disney animated story of Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox can be seen on you tube here.

Satisfied Customer Testimonials:


Thank you for the fast turnaround on my roofing project. After being told my roof would need to be replaced by the buyer of our home, I called Blue Ox Exteriors. An initial inspection was done, and after discussing our options I called my insurance company. Blue Ox Exteriors met with them, and got our roof approved for replacement. They settled a price on the spot and had the work completed 10 days later. I closed on my home the next week with a very happy buyer as Blue Ox Exteriors, put the warranty in their name.

Thank you for a satisfactory job,
Judy Fretwell


I had a great experience with Kevin and Jon. Blue Ox Exteriors worked with my insurance company to redo my roof after it was damaged by hail. Jon was able to help me with the insurance process and made everything easier than I could have imagined. They did a great job on the roof and they always kept me in the loop as to what was going on. I highly recommend Blue Ox to anyone looking to have their roof redone.

Eric Dubois

Roofing, Siding, Gutters

I cant tell you how impressed we are with our new exterior. After having a hail storm break through our siding, we knew we had some work to be done, but never thought we would get all new siding, roofing and gutters. It looks great and the work was completed fast.

Rick Hernandez