Can Good Maintenance Keep Your Roof Up for Over 100 Years?

Any roof is made of three components: the frame, the coating and the auxiliary elements. Its service life depends on the quality of materials, which can be ensured through regular maintenance. Any small problem must be noticed in time to take appropriate measures quickly, because this is the only way to keep your roof up for as long as possible.

Although they are seen as long-term investments, not all roofs will last 100 years. This is not because of the occurrence of unforeseen natural disasters, but because not all roofing materials are made to last that long. There are materials that have warranties of only 15-20 years (common asphalt shingles), materials with medium warranties (wood shakes and shingles – 30 years), and materials with long and very long warranties (metal shingles – 50 years; ceramic tiles – 80 years; slate – 100 years).

Even if a roof is not made to last 100 years, this does not mean that maintenance can be neglected, as the protection offered by the roof depends on it. In addition, it is extremely important to protect your investment and make sure that the roof will last at least as long as it is guaranteed to last. In addition, regular Highlands Ranch roof repair maintenance will help you benefit from your roof insurance coverage, if you ever need it.