Are Roof Inspections Needed for New Roofs?

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It is never a good idea to neglect your roofing system. And particularly after a major weather event, such a as a hailstorm, even your new roof may require an expert’s inspection, to make sure everything is in its rightful place and there are no severe damages to the deeper layers of your home’s structure.

Having your roof inspected on a periodical basis is the best and safest way to maintain your roof in a good state. And perhaps the best time of the year to have your roof inspected by a professional team is in the fall, just before the cold season kicks in. Attempting any kind of repairs on your roof during the cold season can be quite dangerous, and most roofers prefer to inspect roofs during other periods of the year.

Another good reason why roof inspections are recommended in the fall is that during that time roofers can actually start repair projects which can be continued in the next spring. An example in this respect would be treating your roof against moss or lichens.

There are certain problems which homeowners can notice themselves, such as flapping or missing shingles. However, other more complex issues are only discovered by professionals at places like