Terracotta roofing catches the eye with the harmony it radiates. The dynamic shape of the roof surface gives it a unique character, whether it is a new roof or a renovated one. Ceramic tiles have proven their particular properties over time, demonstrating durability, quality and a high degree of protection against external factors. Such a roof is also a statement of style and refinement, which elegantly combines the tradition of craftsmen with the latest technologies, to create distinguished homes with a unique look. By building your terracotta roof, it will act as a thermal barrier (due to the high thermal inertia that this product has),Read More →

There is a natural concern about the warranty and lifespan of a roofing system. “How long does this roof last?” is one of the questions people ask most often, when they purchase a new roof. After installing a Highlands Ranch roofing system, maintenance is an operation that should be performed periodically. Thus, once or twice a year the roof must be cleaned and carefully checked for vulnerabilities that may generate bigger problems. If water is not properly evacuated from the roof, it will remain there, pooling and eventually infiltrating and cause damage not only to the roof, but also to the indoor environment. Moisture canRead More →

High sound insulation is a vital factor in ensuring better comfort, by preventing the distressful sensation caused by environmental noise, as well as in raising the level of confidentiality and privacy, especially in the case of homes and special purpose rooms, such as offices, studios, or law firms. When buying new windows, you must keep in mind that they are not all about the glass, but also about the frame. The glass and the frame together form the element that determines the acoustic insulation of the entire window and, in some cases, of the facade. It is not possible to extrapolate the characteristics of theRead More →

Besides the fact that the roof can affect the entire resistance structure of the house, most of the time the attic is also used either for storage or for actual living. Under these circumstances, we are sure that you can figure out for yourself what is the impact of a roof on the entire house. In order to make sure that you do not expose yourself to the risks generated by roof problems, you must periodically check its condition (roof cover materials, flashing, rainwater collecting and evacuation systems). On the inside, you must also check the wooden resistance structure for cracks, bent structure, rot, orRead More →

Elegance is certainly one of the first things that stand out in the case of a wooden roof, but there are several other advantages this coating material provides, mainly consisting in protection and high efficiency. Wood shake roofs are still popular among fans of the Eco current, as well as among those people who are nostalgic for traditional-looking houses. Currently, wood shake roofing is no longer one of the first options, being relatively perishable compared to new materials, and more difficult to bring to current comfort standards. The lifespan of a wood shake roof can be estimated at somewhere around 30 years or even longer,Read More →

Most people think about their roof as the element that protects the indoor space from weather. However, a roof is even more than this: it is also an insulator, as well as an aesthetic accessory of a building. Considering its multiple purposes, it is obvious that a roof can increase or decrease the value of a home. Your main interest should be to keep your home value high, especially if you plan to sell it in the near future, so the condition and aspect of your roof will play a major role. If your roof is getting close to the end of its life span,Read More →

The roof closes a building on the side facing the sky and has the role of a ‘hat’ – providing protection, safety and more. Traditional or historical roofs reflect the culture of different areas that differentiate the styles and origins of the inhabitants. You can notice a great variety of materials that covered the structure of the roofs in the past, from straw and wood to ceramic shingles and slate. Also traditionally, residential roofs were pitched, because this type of roof protected better against water infiltration and snow accumulation, at a time when roofing materials were not as efficient as they are today. Built withRead More →

Gutter repairs are not necessarily complicated, so there are people who choose DIY repairs instead of paying professional workers to do the job. However, you should really think twice before attempting to do any roofing project on your own, including gutter repairs, especially if you are not familiar with them. These are the best reasons why: You might get injured Reaching your gutters involves climbing a ladder and working at height. Without adequate protective equipment, you can get hurt, even if you think it will not happen to you. If this is not enough to advise you away from DIY gutter repairs, just think aboutRead More →

If you increase your home’s energy efficiency, you’ll not only enjoy lower electrical bills, but you’ll also save natural resources, giving a helping hand to our environment. Here are some things you can do  for increased energy efficiency: Start by insulating your home Adequate insulation can help you to reduce heat costs by up to 40%. Quality insulating materials will protect the house from overheating in the summer, as well as from very low winter temperatures. For a passive house, both interior and exterior insulation are required On the market you can find a wide range of insulation and roofing products from Blue Ox ExteriorsRead More →

Windows and siding play an essential role in protecting your home, and there are a few Aurora roofing companies who offer window and siding installation for complete home exterior needs. Siding is a product that allows you to cover the exterior walls of the house aesthetically, without making a facade. It is perfect for all types of buildings, both brick and wood. It can be made of several materials, but PVC siding is the most popular nowadays. The varied range of colors and the shape of the siding boards, which imitate very well the structure of the wood, ensure a very nice and neat aspectRead More →