Any roof is made of three components: the frame, the coating and the auxiliary elements. Its service life depends on the quality of materials, which can be ensured through regular maintenance. Any small problem must be noticed in time to take appropriate measures quickly, because this is the only way to keep your roof up for as long as possible. Although they are seen as long-term investments, not all roofs will last 100 years. This is not because of the occurrence of unforeseen natural disasters, but because not all roofing materials are made to last that long. There are materials that have warranties of onlyRead More →

Although they may be in very good shape and well-maintained, old houses typically have different structural issues that must be taken into account when choosing a new roof. There are roofing materials that add a lot of weight to the resistance structure (slate, ceramic tiles), but fortunately, there are also lightweight yet extremely durable materials on the market, which can be a very good Highlands Ranch roofing solution for your old Colorado home. Metal shingles are the best example. A metal roof is so easy, that it can be installed even over the existing roof, thus saving some money, as well as precious time. IfRead More →

Both new and older homes can benefit from roof insulation and new windows, as they can help you have a more energy-efficient living environment. Apparently, heat losses or gains through the windows are the two main causes of high energy bills. No matter whether you are building new windows or updating already existing ones, it is essential to choose the best ones for your specific climate and which work best in your already existing assembly. There are certain choices you need to make in terms of the exact type of windows, as well as the specific type of replacement to go for. Moreover, you canRead More →

Roof maintenance is essential for prolonging the lifespan of your roof, and of your house in general. Ideally, you should have your roof inspected at least once a year. In case you discover that your roof needs to be repaired, do not hesitate to call on Littleton roof repair professionals. These roofing professionals make the inspection and, if they find out that fixing or replacing some of your roof elements is necessary, you should take the required steps in due time. Flashings are important pieces in the structure of a roof. They refer to that thin sheet of metal which is usually placed between theRead More →

When it comes to a flat roof, sealing systems with synthetic rubber membranes are probably the best choices, offering great performance in terms of durability, matching flat roofs in any type of environment and supporting green roofing projects and/ or roof-mounted photovoltaic systems. Rubber membranes can be easily installed by specialists, using glue, mechanical fixing accessories, or ballast. There are also a number of accessories for these membranes that help to seal their edges with liquid adhesive or special tape, resulting in a uniform cover that will make your roof look nice and neat. In general, EPDM membranes are dark in color. If you doRead More →

When you get a new roof for your home, you are completely entitled to expect it to be flawless. If your shingles do not look flat, there may be some kind of a defect involved, in terms of materials or installation. There are several reasons why your new roof shingles may not be flat but rather wavy. The most common one is related to having a multi-layered roof. In this case, the new shingles layer will conform to the old layer; if the old layer has bumps and dips, so will the new layer. Another common reason why your shingles do not look flat afterRead More →

Installing a skylight can bring a number of benefits, including higher amount of natural light in the house and a special look that it provides to the roof and to the entire building. But before installing a skylight, make sure you are informed of all the important details and implications. Building permits For such a project, you will need certain permits, according to the current local building codes. Make sure that your roofer is familiar with these legal provisions and that it will obtain the necessary permits (otherwise, you will have to do this yourself). Skylight models Homeowners can choose from a variety of skylightRead More →

Many people consider that the protection of a building against rainfall is given exclusively by the roof. It is true that the roof has an essential role, but in order to have maximum efficiency, it needs a complementary rainwater system. The role of gutters and downspouts is to collect water from the roof and direct it away from the building, preferably in a sewer system, to prevent infiltrations and early damage, both aesthetical and structural. In the absence of these elements, water seeps into the walls after any rain or after the snow melts on the roof. Given these things, the need to invest inRead More →

As a building owner, one of the most important things to do is scheduling periodic maintenance for your roof. Experts recommend different types of maintenance operations to be performed twice a year – before and after the season with the most severe weather. However, the global warming phenomenon already made changes in the weather as we used to be familiar with, which means that severe phenomena may occur unexpectedly and you must be prepared for them. Sudden torrential rain, strong winds and hail are common news these days. Their consequences are roofs through which water infiltrates, damaged houses and people that quickly need a specialistRead More →

If the roof is badly damaged, it must be renovated with the help of a specialist, but when there are only a few minor repairs needed, you should not be alarmed; if you are diligent and have initiative, you can fix some things on your own, or call on professionals in the Aurora roof repair business. It is always a good idea to take early action when it comes to house maintenance work. For example, if even the slightest water infiltration occurs, you may have problems with the roof cover; if these problems are solved in time, you may prevent roof damage, as well asRead More →