Any roof is made of three components: the frame, the coating and the auxiliary elements. Its service life depends on the quality of materials, which can be ensured through regular maintenance. Any small problem must be noticed in time to take appropriate measures quickly, because this is the only way to keep your roof up for as long as possible. Although they are seen as long-term investments, not all roofs will last 100 years. This is not because of the occurrence of unforeseen natural disasters, but because not all roofing materials are made to last that long. There are materials that have warranties of onlyRead More →

The metal roofing system is one of the roofing in Littleton options preferred by many home owners, due to the many functional and aesthetic benefits it offers. First, maintenance costs are low compared to other types of roofing materials. Secondly, a metal roof withstands all kind of weather conditions and temperature variations. A metal roof comes with long-lasting warranties – 40 years of service life and 20-30 years warranty on the initial layer of paint. However, once the warranty period is close to an end, if the paint layer has been prematurely damaged, the metal roof can be repainted very efficiently. Repainting the roof resealsRead More →

Although an old roof loses some of its protective properties, the owner may decide to postpone the replacement project for as long as the roof is still stable and in good shape. However, even an old roof needs adequate ventilation, otherwise the existing problems will worsen quickly and new ones will certainly appear. An adequate ventilation system is absolutely necessary for getting rid of condensation; in its absence, the water resulting from condensation will not be removed, but will stagnate under the cover, causing multiple damages: favoring the rapid appearance of corrosion on metal elements, damage to the wooden structure, damage to the insulation, mold,Read More →

Gutters may start dripping for several reasons; most often, it`s because of damage to the joints, in different sections of them. These joints differ, depending on the material from which the gutters are made. As a result, there are different ways to repair them. Rarely, damage may also occur to the lower part of the gutters, caused by rust; it results the formation of holes, and the water will no longer be properly directed to downspouts and evacuated safely. Another possible cause of gutter damage is the deformation or breaking of the hooks that support them: this can happen either due to the weight ofRead More →

Although they may be in very good shape and well-maintained, old houses typically have different structural issues that must be taken into account when choosing a new roof. There are roofing materials that add a lot of weight to the resistance structure (slate, ceramic tiles), but fortunately, there are also lightweight yet extremely durable materials on the market, which can be a very good Highlands Ranch roofing solution for your old Colorado home. Metal shingles are the best example. A metal roof is so easy, that it can be installed even over the existing roof, thus saving some money, as well as precious time. IfRead More →

Home owners must be constantly preoccupied with home maintenance, even if it includes technical and complex operations. There are problems that we cannot solve ourselves, because we do not have the necessary expertise. However, there are all kind of specialists out there, who can play a significant role in the maintenance of our houses; we just have to find them and hire them, when we need their services, because home maintenance is primarily our responsibility, as home owners. There are many things to do, in order to maintain a clean, healthy and sustainable environment in our homes and the surroundings. A proactive attitude can preventRead More →

It is never a good idea to neglect your roofing system. And particularly after a major weather event, such a as a hailstorm, even your new roof may require an expert’s inspection, to make sure everything is in its rightful place and there are no severe damages to the deeper layers of your home’s structure. Having your roof inspected on a periodical basis is the best and safest way to maintain your roof in a good state. And perhaps the best time of the year to have your roof inspected by a professional team is in the fall, just before the cold season kicks in.Read More →

In case you have a slate roof in Colorado, you may be wondering if they pose serious problems in terms of repairing. Slate is, in fact, a type of rock which has been used for centuries, either for roofs or for other parts of building structures, by many roofing companies such as Blue Ox Exteriors of Denver. Slate slices may be used for flooring and roofing, and they are very long lasting. Apart from being extremely solid, slate is also lightweight. Due to its many qualities, slate tends to be one of the most expensive roofing materials available on the market. As a matter ofRead More →

In spite of the fact that your siding is one of the most visible parts of your home, it is most often neglected. But that certainly is not a good thing, because your siding, together with your roof, actually represents your defense frontline against the outside elements. At the same time, it helps you prevent water infiltrations, pest infestations, and so on. According to the roofing Aurora CO experts, you should clean your siding at least once a year, to remove any dirt or other elements such as algae or mold. Moreover, your siding is one of the essential elements which make up the curbRead More →

Because Colorado weather can be really unpredictable, you may find yourselves in need for roof inspection, roof repair or replacement after a serious storm or heavy wind event. Because roofs play such an important part for the safety of our homes, they certainly require our close attention. Roofing systems protect a home’s structure from natural hazards such as hailstorms, extreme heat or cold, rain, fire, winds, ice or excessive snow. Before searching for a roofing professional, it is best to get informed about the Colorado residential roofing codes. At any rate, here are 3 quick tips for helping you deal with multiple roofing quotes inRead More →