Summer is not only a time when we all spend more time outdoors, enjoying the sun and nature – it is also a time when homeowners need to pay extra attention to the health of their roof, especially in areas that are frequently affected by strong storms. Here is a check list for your summer roof maintenance: A detailed inspection and cleaning by a skilled Aurora roofing contractor at the beginning of the season – to be able to perform well throughout the summer, your roof needs to be in top shape when the season starts. Clean the roofing surface, the gutters and the downspouts,Read More →

Roof vents might seem like humble, unimportant roofing components – after all, they are practically holes located at the top and the bottom of the roof –, but in fact they fulfill multiple roles, all of them essential for the health of the roof, the energy-efficiency of the entire home as well as for the quality of the air in your roofs. Here is why good roof ventilation by experienced Highlands Ranch roofing companies is so important: Temperature regulation – whether you live in an area that gets extremely cold winters or scorching hot summers, the ventilation of your roof will prevent roof overheating duringRead More →

Roofs consist of much more that what meets the eye – the topmost layer of any roof is sustained by a complex support system consisting of multiple layers. Here is what most roofs consist of: The roofing cover – asphalt shingles, wood, slate, metal panels, clay and cement tiles are the most common roof covering materials used for sloping roofs, while rubber, metal, tar and gravel and spray foam are the most common Littleton roof repair solutions used on flat roofs; Underlayment – made from resistant and durable felt or polymers, this layer plays the role of keeping away any water that might seep through;Read More →

Cool roofs are structures that have been designed to reflect more solar radiation and to absorb less heat than conventional roofs, the special structures offering several further benefits, such as cooler air around the building, reduced energy costs and more durability for the  entire roof structure. There are many ways to get a cool roof or to enhance the reflective properties of your existing roof – here are some: Paint it to a light hue – we all know that light colors reflect heat, while darker hues absorb it. The rule applies to roofs, too – light-colored roofs, such as the ones covered in cream-colored,Read More →

A leak on your roof is more than just a nuisance – though leaks start small, they usually extend fast to cause damage to your entire roof structure as well as in your interior spaces and leaks are the most common culprits behind unhealthy moisture levels in your home interior as well as behind the appearance of mold and mildew in your home. Spotting the leak in your roof is not always easy, so here are a few tips to make the detective work easier: Follow the trace of the water – if you have an attic, go up there right after the rain andRead More →

A strong, well-performing siding gives your home curb appeal and it also ensures your building’s energy efficiency, therefore it is an essential component of your building envelope. Like any important part of your building, your siding can also sustain damage that will compromise your building’s overall performance, so any fault that appears needs to be fixed as soon as it is noticed. Here are some signs to indicate that your siding needs repair: Cracking and loose components – these issues are usually caused by strong impact, such as the impact caused by storms. The best way to remedy these faults is to inspect your sidingRead More →

There are different siding systems, but the thing that provides beauty and ensures uniqueness is their exterior finish. There are various combinations of colors and architectural elements that can turn your facade and roofing in Littleton into a work of art. Here are some of the most popular siding materials in 2020. Natural stone Natural stone remains the most appreciated and, implicitly, the most expensive siding material. Besides the fact that it provides an expensive and beautiful aspect, natural stone is one of the most resistant building materials. Consequently, owners will have to do very little in terms of maintenance, because siding made from naturalRead More →

GAF has stringent standards, so only 6% of roofing contractors are GAF certified. Why is this certification so important? – Because it is a proof of high levels of professionalism. When you are looking for a roofing contractor, you must research, evaluate, compare and be careful about every little aspect, to ensure that you pick up a good Aurora roof repair contractor that will give you the most for your money. With a GAF contractor, you can forget about these worries, because the GAF certification itself is a guarantee that all these requirements are met and you are guaranteed total satisfaction. In other words, GAFRead More →

Metal roofs and shingles are both great roofing options, but each one has advantages and disadvantages.  This article aims at comparing some of their features and helping you make a good choice for your house. First, we should mention that both materials have finishes suitable four different styles, coming in various textures and a wide-ranging color palette. Metal Roofing has come a long way from evoking images of sheds or barns.  Actually, metal roofs are now some of the most popular choices for residential and commercial buildings because of their particular durability.  A metal roof comes with up to 50-year warranties and will often outlastRead More →

Being familiar with roofing terminology can be especially helpful when you discuss with Highlands Ranch roofing contractor.  You will give the impression that you know what you are saying and it will also help you to review roofing quotations. Knowing basic terms contribute to making educated decisions when it comes to start a roofing project. Here is a starting list of common roofing terms; you can keep on adding terms that interest you. Attic – an attic is specific to a building with a steep sloped roof.  it is situated under the roof deck and above the ceiling. Condensation – this is a problem specificRead More →