Decra Steel, Boral Tile & Cedur Composite

Product Specifications

    For most home owners hail has damaged homes multiple times while living in Colorado. Ask your sales rep about these stronger roofing products. Not only are they hail resistant but they will offer better curb appeal for your home.

  • Great Look on any home
  • Priced similar
  • Strong Warranties

Color Selection Tips

    Darker Colors attract more heat, this could raise your cooling cost in the summer. Lighter Colors will keep the house cooler in the summer, though may not warm as much in winter.

    If you have an HOA you may have to get your Roofing Product and color approved prior to install if you change color. Though we try to remind customers in known HOA areas, this is the your responsibility to verify.

    Many homeowners prefer to go back with a similar color to what they had, as it works best for their homes color scheme.

    Check the products out below!

Please take a look at each manufacturers website for a full catalog of colors and product selection