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Choosing a reputable contractor

    Local, Licensed, insured, are all things you should look for in finding a reputable contractor. It is also never recommended you pay any large sum of money up front until materials have been delivered or work has begun.

Lifetime Architectural Shingles

    Good news for homeowners! Most shingle manufacturers have switched their warranty on architectural shingles from 30 years with 5 years of non pro-rated coverage to a lifetime (50yr) warranty that covers their product for 10 yrs non prorated. At Blue Ox Exteriors you get a lifetime architectural shingle at minimum with every roof.

Can you Cover My Deductible?

    It is illegal for a contractor to offer to pay, cover or waive an insurance deductible or to offer any compensation to a homeowner for doing business with them. This means any of the following is illegal when dealing with an insurance claim:

  • Directly paying a deductible
  • Giving a coupon to discount work
  • Paying advertising for a yard sign
  • Any other form of direct discounts

Shingle Selection

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Quality Product Selection

View a wide range of colors available for your project online, then tell your rep what color you would like to see in a full size sample.

News From Blue Ox Exteriors:

Storms have hit much of the twin cities and surrounding areas

With many storms hitting properties with hail and high winds, a lot of homes in and around the metro areas have sustained damage. Homeowners are being compensated for new roofs, siding, gutters and other items every day.

Our sales representatives are helping homeowners get their property back to its pre-storm condition, the fastest way to get your property restored is to call us for a free no obligation inspection. We will take a look around and let you know your options.

If you notice people in your neighborhood having roofing siding or windows replaced, it would be wise to have us inspect it. The best way to ensure you are compensated for your damage is to act quickly after a storm. Insurance companies tend to tighten up on homeowners who don't file a claim in a timely manner, and deny more claims as months go by. Leaving some homeowners to deal with the damages on their own in the years to come.