Understanding Insurance Restoration

Right to Choose a Contractor

    Your insurance company cannot tell you to use a specific repair business, nor can it tell you not to use a specific repair company. Blue Ox Exteriors works with all insurance carriers and is here to help you through your entire claim

Mortgage Companies

    If you have a mortgage company they will often be included on your insurance check. Upon receiving payment from your insurance company immediately review who it is made out to and contact your mortgage company immediately if they are on it. Some banks will sign off on it by simply bringing it in, others will require the check be mailed in to their Loss Drafts department and may require some additional information from both you and us. Don't worry the process is easy when you give a call to ask what needs to be done. If you need any paperwork filled out by us, please get it to us asap, so we can help move it along.

Insurance Proceeds?

    Many Restoration Companies including ourselves use the term "Insurance Proceeds" as an initial contract amount for the work to be done. This has readily become industry standard for engagement agreements, stating that we will do the work your insurance company approves for the amount they agree to pay.

    This is why it is very important for us to be at your property with your insurance adjuster to properly assess the damages we see from the start. After this initial meeting you will receive an adjuster summary detailing the damaged items and price allotted to fix it. We can go through it with you and detail the work to be done and the price approved for that work. The work will be completed for that amount plus any approved supplements we may be entitled to while doing the work, such as permits, missed items or unforeseen damages that may be hidden by the existing roofing, siding etc.

    When you sign an agreement with a price of "Insurance Proceeds" you will have no out of pocket obligation other than your deductible for the work we perform. The rest of the money will come from your insurnace coverage. Further more if your claim is for some reason denied, the agreement is void.

My Insurance Loss Seems Low

Often times your insurance adjuster will do a good job estimating for the damages to be repaired especially when we are present. However sometimes items will be missed on the initial inspection in part or whole. This is typically solved by us sending a detailed estimate to them and working through the differences with your adjuster on the phone.

By doing a supplement request we can still get you the high quality replacement you deserve, while keeping your out of pocket cost to just your deductible.

Only pay your deductible

    It's that simple. We will work with your insurance company to get your repairs compensated fully. This will keep your only out of pocket cost to just your deductible. It is illegal for a homeowner and/or contractor to engage in any activity that directly covers an insurance deductible for a homeowner.

Do I need Estimates?

    Insurance restoration is best done by picking a reputable contractor you trust who will provide free service up front, helping you through your claim and guaranteeing your out of pocket cost will be as low as legally possible - only charging your deductible when the claim is approved.

    With all the work going on in your area, many contractors do not have time to come out and bid your project, especially when they don't know if the insurance company will approve the items in their bid, or if they have the work secured.

    By knowing the work is secured to our company, we can be fully committed to spending our time and resources to maximize your claim. In doing so you will have a motivated contractor working toward full compensation for your loss. This will ensure the funds are available for a quality replacement and you know your out of pocket obligation before anything has been settled with your insurance company; nothing if the claim is denied, just your deductible when work is approved.

Shingle Selection

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Quality Product Selection

View a wide range of colors available for your project online, then tell your rep what color(s) you would like to see in a full size sample.

Our Mission:

Making Storm Restoration Easy

Our team is assembled with some of the best trained in the industry, having worked and settled over 1,000 projects.

We follow a simple, hassle free approach to restoring your property, by showing you with what to expect and working with your insurance company, we ensure your fully compensated for the damages sustained.

In doing so, we are able to provide you quality materials and a timely restoration schedule involving little effort on your part. With Blue Ox Exteriors, LLC getting your property back to like new condition is simple.